Comprehensive Soft-tissue Therapies

Circular Strength Training

This page is dedicated to Circular Strength Training, a movement-oriented approach to achieving pain relief, performance enhancement and lifelong wellness that may assist in:

  • Preventing and rehabilitating injuries.
  • Regaining and increasing range of motion (ROM).
  • Developing full-body coordination and balance.
  • Cultivating smooth and fluid movement. 
  • Increasing full-body strength.
  • Building aerobic and anaerobic endurance.
  • Sport-specific preparation.
  • Fat weight loss.
  • Lean body mass gains.


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The following FAQs and info are specific to Circular Strength Training:

Official RMAX FAQ - Answers to many of your questions about Circular Strength Training, straight from the RMAX Press Room. For more detailed answers and/or discussions, I recommend visiting the RMAX Forums where thousands of CST enthusiasts around the world share their insights and experiences to answer questions and solve problems. 

More FAQs

Why the emphasis upon pain-free movement and overall health?  The state of your health determines how well you will progress and your chances of avoiding injury. Pain-free movement is a factor in quality of life and an indicator of overall health/wellness. 

Do I have to work with a personal trainer?  No, but thousands of satisfied clients would tell you that working with a trainer whenever possible is THE way to go. One hour may save you months of trouble, prevent injuries, and vastly simplify the process of reaching your goals. One-on-one training is ideal, but group events and distance coaching are great alternatives. 

What if I have a significant medical condition?  Massage and exercise may complement appropriate medical treatment. Get medical clearance from your health professional prior to beginning any exercise program. CLICK HERE to see how exercise helps a woman with Multiple Sclerosis.

Do I have to eat a special diet?  A healthy diet will dramatically improve your performance, energy levels, body composition, and overall good feelings. Many experts advocate incremental improvement of your overall eating habits. Fitness guru Scott Sonnon has written some simple guidelines you may use. These guidelines are based in part upon the pioneering work of Dr. Kathleen DesMaissons, Ph.D., whose home web site is

Do I have to buy a bunch of equipment?  No, health and fitness don't have to depend upon "stuff", but some equipment may make it much easier to achieve your goals.

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